About us

Partner of producers
Van Wijk & Olthuis supplies oils and fats to producers. Our products are mostly natural products which originate from all corners of the globe. Products which constantly vary in price, quality and availability. And this is exactly where Van Wijk & Olthuis can prove it can truly add value. We can offer as consistent a product as possible as a result of our storage, mixing and analysis facilities.

  • We purchase oils and fats from a large, worldwide network of suppliers. We can therefore virtually always satisfy any demands.
  • We have approximately 16,000 m3 of storage capacity in Dronten. Furthermore we have a storage site, Tankterminal Zuiderzeehaven, in Kampen where we have approximately 26,000 m3 of storage capacity. Our excellent stock position means we can virtually always satisfy any demands, even during times of scarcity in the world market.
  • Our computer controlled mixing installation means we can prepare mixtures to your exact specification. Plus we can mix oils and fats of varying levels of quality, to achieve a raw material which meets the required quality level.
  • We look after all transport within the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and France with our own twelve tanks.
  • We also have our own laboratory where we sample and analyse both incoming and outgoing flows.

Opt for quality, certainty and continuity in raw material supply. Call or email us for an appointment or a quotation.