The oils and fats supplied by Van Wijk & Olthuis are mostly natural products. The most common types are soya oil, palm oil, colza oil/coleseed oil and sunflower oil.

  • Soya oil is a spice oil extracted from soya seed. The soya beans are mainly produced in the United States, Argentina, Brazil and China. There is a large variety of soya beans. The soya beans can contain up to 25% oil.
  • Palm oil is a vegetable oil extracted from fruits of the oil palm. The fleshy fruit contains 30 to 70% oil. Plus palm kernel oil is extracted from the kernel. The palm oils are used in many different products, varying from food to hygiene and cosmetic products. The oil is also used as raw material and as fuel for generating green energy.
  • Rapeseed oil is one of the most important vegetable oils in the world. The oil comes from the rapeseed or turnip. Rapeseed is mainly produced in France, Germany, Poland, the Netherlands, Great Britain, Canada, China, Pakistan and India. The rapeseed has an oil content varying from 36 to 40%.
  • The seeds of the well-know sunflower container between 39% and 40% oil. The refined sunflower oil is predominantly used for food preparation and as a basis for food products. The sunflower oil is produced at locations in Europe, South and North America and the Ukraine.